Phrase of the Month: 'Fewer Things - More Quality'


Alphonsina created her company Alphonsina, LLC in 2015 Inspired by her fascination for Fashion & Art. This included the launch of the blog ‘’ to share fashion articles & art events, along with some of her handmade custom designs and fashionable styling tips.

In 2017 to 2020 Alphonsina decided to open her very own studio in Phoenix, AZ. Where she offered her sewing services to nearby neighborhoods, including Downtown Phoenix, Arcadia and Scottsdale. She also showcased her custom designs, home decor, fashion inventory of accessories and other amazing products. The opening of her studio also included the launch of her online e-commerce website ‘WWW.SHOPALPHONSINA.COM’ where all of her products were made available for purchase.

In 2020 after the change of life's scenarios and the fast development of online business Alphonsina made the decision to close her beautiful studio/retail shop and continue putting her energy on her amazing website.

Alphonsina’s knowledge of fashion and her modern, tasteful, minimal approach has been well accepted in various cities in the United States and internationally. Her work has been seen in TV shows, Dance Competitions and even NFL and Baseball players have requested her sewing skills. She has brightened the day of many people when it comes to the fantastic, honest work she offers.

Alphonsina has a smile of gold but It is fair to say that she is much of an introvert and describes herself as a minimal, friendly antisocial.

Alphonsina is sure you will love her products as much as she does! ♥