Inspired by her love for Fashion & Art, founder Alphonsina Marshall created her company in 2015. This included the launch of the blog ‘www.alphonsinaofficial.com’ to share fashion articles & art events, along with some of her handmade items and fashionable styling tips.

In 2017, Alphonsina opened her very own studio in Phoenix, AZ to offer her sewing services, to showcase her custom designs, home decor, and her fashion inventory of accessories and other amazing products. The opening of her studio also included the launch of her online boutique ‘www.shopalphonsina.com’ where most of her products can be purchased online.

Alphonsina’s knowledge of fashion and her modern, tasteful, minimal approach to it has been well accepted in various cities in the United States and internationally. She has brightened the day of many people when it comes to the fantastic, honest work she does with her alteration services.

Alphonsina hopes you love the work she is offering to all of you as much as she does!