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We all know how hard it is to fine someone to take care of your alterations. Not only is Alphonsina a top notch seamstress, she is very professional, extremely fast, very affordable and simply gorgeous, although she will blush if I tell her. She has an amazing eye for detail and is very talented in creating her own designs as well. Check out her website. Really , I would be lost without her. She is a five star if you ask me, I have been doing business with her for over 4 years.

Mary Jo Strauss, AZ 07/27/2021

This review is way overdue. I have been using Alphonsina for 5 years and SHE IS AMAZING! She has altered so many different items for me: dresses, pants, shirts, rompers, formal gowns and my wedding dress. She delivers the best quality of work and is the the only one I trusted with my wedding dress. She did a fabulous job helping me fit in my wedding dress, it was a week before the wedding and she was loosening the seam to give me a few extra inches and to be able to fit in my dress. My dress had a lot of detail and she was able to alter it without compromising the design. This takes talent! She always has my items ready on time. I love how reasonable her prices are and how she steams my items before I pick them up. I always recommend Alphonsina to my family and friends.

Jacqueline Narvaez, AZ 07/15/2021

In my search for a seamstress near me, I came across Alfonsina Alterations and Design. It was my lucky day. After reading the reviews online, I decided to make an appointment and bring two items to be altered. The owner is extremely pleasant, talented and reasonably priced. When I picked up my items, I was thrilled to see the quality of work that had been done. I now have a new "go to place" for any and all my alteration needs.

Diane Dedes, AZ 07/13/2021

Alphonsina did a fantastic job altering several items and had a super fast turn around time. I showed up a day early to retrieve my items and she was very graceful about it. I highly recommend her! Muchas gracias !!

Robyn Barrett, AZ 05/19/2021

I highly recommend Alphonsina! She offers amazing alteration services. She is so talented and does precise work. Alphonsina has tailored many garments for me over the years, and I have been pleased with all of her work. Online scheduling is a breeze - another plus!

Sandy Le-Giguere, Phoenix, AZ 05/06/2021

Alphonsina’s attention to detail and vision / understanding of what the alterations could be, made for a great experience- the quality of her work and how fast I got everything back was great as well.
Super experience every time she does work for us.
You can’t go wrong!

Mark Grodsky, Phoenix, AZ 05/04/2021

Thank goodness I recently came across her name while searching for a new seamstress! I’ve been to her three times in the last month with various pieces and she has done an amazing job and on a wide variety of alterations that I needed. Now I know when I shop for something and find something I love but isn’t quite right for whatever reason, I can take it to her and she will make it work for me! She’s so nice and creative and super talented! Highly recommend!

ROxanna Zurek, Phoenix, AZ 05/03/2021

Easy to book an appointment and pleasant experience. Professional and fun to work with. Will definitely use her services from this point forward.

Lynn Behlendorf, AZ 04/28/2021

Definitely recommend her for alterations. Her web page makes it easy to schedule appointments. Not only did nice work but I had my dress back in a week. Thank you!

Jeanette Jancetich, AZ 04/28/2021