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' Fewer Things - More Quality '

Besides being ridiculously conveniently located (for me), Alphonsina was professional, responsive, and her prices are so good. She was so flexible with appointments, pick ups, and really helped transform a dress that was too big width-wise, but too short, into a gorgeous bridesmaid dress, in plenty of time for the occasion. So glad to have found her!

Nichelle Williams, Phoenix, AZ 11/19/2021

My dress was fitted perfectly with plenty of time for the wedding! Done very inexpensively and professionally. I highly recommend this business.

Lori Frost, Phoenix, AZ 10/26/2021

Alphonsina was amazing. Friendly, professional and takes pride in her work. Will use her again.

Camille French, Phoenix, AZ 09/02/2021

I was in need of a seamstress to fix a dress for an upcoming wedding. It was an expensive dress and because I'm new to the area, I looked at reviews online to find a reputable person. I read Alphonsina's reviews and decided to go see her. Like others have said, she is the sweetest person and her studio is a gorgeous space with a comfortable and elegant ambiance. She was quick to get my dress done and it was perfect! In my past experiences, with getting dresses altered, the finished product is tighter or shorter than during the fitting. This was not the case, it was exactly how i wanted it. Alphonsina cares about her work, she cares about your clothes and she cares about you and your experience. She's a true gem and I'm so glad I found her!

Lindsay T., AZ 08/12/2021

Excellent work, good prices and work done quickly.

Debby Diaz, AZ 08/03/2021

We all know how hard it is to fine someone to take care of your alterations. Not only is Alphonsina a top notch seamstress, she is very professional, extremely fast, very affordable and simply gorgeous, although she will blush if I tell her. She has an amazing eye for detail and is very talented in creating her own designs as well. Check out her website. Really , I would be lost without her. She is a five star if you ask me, I have been doing business with her for over 4 years.

Mary Jo Strauss, AZ 07/27/2021

This review is way overdue. I have been using Alphonsina for 5 years and SHE IS AMAZING! She has altered so many different items for me: dresses, pants, shirts, rompers, formal gowns and my wedding dress. She delivers the best quality of work and is the the only one I trusted with my wedding dress. She did a fabulous job helping me fit in my wedding dress, it was a week before the wedding and she was loosening the seam to give me a few extra inches and to be able to fit in my dress. My dress had a lot of detail and she was able to alter it without compromising the design. This takes talent! She always has my items ready on time. I love how reasonable her prices are and how she steams my items before I pick them up. I always recommend Alphonsina to my family and friends.

Jacqueline Narvaez, AZ 07/15/2021

In my search for a seamstress near me, I came across Alfonsina Alterations and Design. It was my lucky day. After reading the reviews online, I decided to make an appointment and bring two items to be altered. The owner is extremely pleasant, talented and reasonably priced. When I picked up my items, I was thrilled to see the quality of work that had been done. I now have a new "go to place" for any and all my alteration needs.

Diane Dedes, AZ 07/13/2021

Alphonsina did a fantastic job altering several items and had a super fast turn around time. I showed up a day early to retrieve my items and she was very graceful about it. I highly recommend her! Muchas gracias !!

Robyn Barrett, AZ 05/19/2021